Friday, 10 February 2012

2 Hour Elephant Cushion Tutorial

It's been nearly 2 weeks since I last posted something on this blog. I feel bad about it as I promised myself earlier on that I will at least post once a week. Well, it turned out that it's not as easy as I thought, and writing high quality posts takes time. 

School just started, and I have been flat out for the last week and a half preparing for my classes. For my year 9 textiles classes, I am asking my students to design and make a cushion using a combination of embellishment techniques, e.g. applique, embroidery etc. Last weekend, I decided to make a cushion myself. I had so much fun making it- arranging the design, playing around with the buttons and embroidering flowers. Making a cushion is an easy project but it's highly creative and it took no time to make one. In my tutorial below, I show the entire making process, you can simply follow the steps to make one of these cute little elephant cushions to brighten up your room; or you can let your creativity go free and design your own using the same techniques. Maybe one with a heart for Valentine's Day!

ps. you can now download my tutorial for free from Issuu

The Hyperlink in the doc won't work.
You can download the elephant image from Here