Monday, 30 January 2012

It's Heart time!

I am starting to think that the older you get the faster the time goes. It's only new year not long ago, we're already in the 2nd month of the year- the season of Heart!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I am not a person who is into the Valentines Day's stuff, in fact both Jack and I forgot about Valentines Day last year.(oops!) But at the moment, I am totally into making HEARTs! I've been searching madly on the net for crochet heart patterns. I came across a couple and made a tea coaster and a brooch out of them.

Sweet Hearts Tea Coaster:

I found this crochet heart pattern on Pip's Blog. It only takes a couple minutes to make one. You can make them as a hanging decoration for the season or you can apply them to your other crochet design. I sew six hearts together to make a super sweet tea coaster. 

How to make a Sweet Heart Tea Coaster:

- Make 6 Hearts, pattern can be found on Pip's blog Here

- Centre of tea coaster (make 1):

  • Chain 4
  • From 1st chain, double treble 12 times
  • Slip stitch to the first double treble stitch to fasten off.

- Sew the six hearts together into a circular form

- Sew the centre to all six hearts

Now, you're ready for a cup of tea and a sweet chocolate cookie!

PS. Lisa of has made this video on how to crochet a heart, click here to check it out. (Take a good look at her photographs when you're there, they are superb!)

Sugar Sprinkle Heart Brooch

This amigurumi heart pattern from Owlishly is so cute and simple. It came in three different sizes and they make a very good blank canvas for putting on your own design. 

I've made mine into this Sugar sprinkle Heart Brooch. Here is how I made it:

You will need these items 

Some 8ply yarn (red or pink or any color)
a crochet hook (4mm or 3.50mm)
a pair of scissor
a hand sewing needle
some white cotton
some clear seed beads
a brooch back

- Make 1 small heart. Pattern can be found on Owlishly's blog Here

- Then, use a hand sewing needle and cotton
to sew some beads on one side of the heart

- Sew a brooch back on, then it's done!!


It makes a super cute pin cushion as well!

Click here to take a look at Elisabeth Andree's pin board, it has loads more heart patterns there.

So, start crochet them now and let me know

What you did with your hearts!

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