Monday, 16 January 2012

My Studio

I started setting up my studio half way through last year. It took us (Jack and I) a while to work out the layout and collect bits and pieces. I used to have this shabby old desk (from the 1960s) we bought from St Vinnies as my sewing desk. I worked on it for a while, but it just got too shabby and it kept vibrating when I sewed, so I said to myself, 'I need a new desk, a proper desk..' So we went looking for a new desk that does not vibrate. It was actually a tough job, believe it or not, each desk we looked at was either too unstable or too ugly. We finally came across this desk in IKEA. It is very stable and it has a light box, which may be quite handy for tracing patterns. It can also be tilted at an angle for drawing. Most importantly it looks soo good with the Wish Bone chair and suits the room perfectly. What do you think?

I Heart my Machines. They were both given to me by chance. They are quite old, the overlocker belonged to Jack's Grandma Von, who was a professional sewer, she sadly left us 10 years ago. The overlocker itself is the sweetest thing to have around, I feel very lucky to own it. The sewing machine was given to me at my last school, it's mostly made from steel, so it's very solid and robust, unlike the new machines today.  

I bought this spool organizer from Big W, it's fantastic. And the sweet little 1950s ceramic bowl is a gift from our beloved friend Lesley. 

This room has two skinny windows on either side. It is not a light-filled room, as a matter of fact, it is a bit on the dark side, however, it is cosy and it has its own charm.

I have always dreamt of owning my personal library. I know this is not quite there yet, but it's a start. The lovely silk screen prints were bought from etsy made by a printer in the US. They are still sitting around as we are unsure where to hang them.

Behind the scene messsss...
Yep...I always try my best to tidy up , but it just gets out of hand sometimes, especially when I am working on something. I have an ironing board sitting on a 1960s teak coffee table, which we bought from an old dude in Pascoe Vale by chance. The set up itself doesn't look too flash, but it works well.

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